>Emmanuel Okon elected as SU President for 2012-2013


Emmanuel giving his acceptance speech

After an intense and perhaps controversial week of campaigning, the UWESU election results were announced in Red Bar on Friday 9 March. Whilst the crowds waited in anticipation, South Gloucestershire Council’s Head of Democratic & Statuary Services and Returning Officer, Stuart Hook, took to the stage to announce the long-awaited results.
Emmanuel Okon was voted in as Students’ Union President, after accumulating 963 votes, narrowly beating fellow candidate William Quick by 31 votes. The ecstatic reaction that came from his supporters showed an enormous amount of elation to Emmanuel’s newly appointed position. Emmanuel, who will be taking over from current President, Colin Offler, stated: “To all my supporters out there, thank you very much.”
Acquiring the highest number of votes overall, was current Vice President, Olly Reid, who was voted in again for a second year with a record-breaking 1763 votes, beating his fellow opponent, Alfie Hillson, by 1363 votes. Also elected in for a consecutive year was current Community and Welfare Vice President, Louise Goux-Wirth, who delightedly accepted her re-appointment by stating: “All I can say is hash tag, making it happen.” Achieving part-time Education Officer was Oliver Kirby, and Victoria Wallace was voted in as the part-time Community and Welfare Officer.
The battle for Sports Vice President was no doubt the most hotly contested with eight candidates standing for the position, with Stuart Hook stating it was “a really good natured contest.” Nina Gizzie was voted in as Sports Vice President, beating fellow candidate Ed Ringwood by 36 votes. Female candidates have been occupying the post of VP Sports for 14 years now. A tearful Gizzie told the WesternEye: “I can barely talk, I completely didn’t expect it.” The only candidate to stand for the part-time position of Sports Officer – a position that was not filled until the by-elections this year by Jacob Morris – was Miki Parr, who received 1397 votes.
Annabelle Turner was elected in as the new Vice President for Societies and Communications with 1068 votes. Annabelle will be taking over from the current Vice President, Safiyyah Henderson. In her acceptance speech, she stated: “Thank you for all your support and to my great campaign team I had behind me. And I promise to work as hard as possible next year, to make it successful.” Battling it out for Societies and Communications Officer was current part-time Officer Chris Holgate and Lydia Dismore, who stole the position by 388 votes.
Christopher Allen from Hartpury, who also ran for SU President, was elected as a delegate to attend the NUS Conference. Paddy Besiris, who was also running to be elected for the position, was ousted out in the preliminary stages of UWESU elections week, due to controversial matters concerning a supporter of his campaign. The NUS Conference, which took place in Sheffield from 24-26 April, is a yearly conference which provides an opportunity to debate policies, elect new executive members and to find out more about campaigns that benefit students throughout the UK.
Other elected part-time positions were Umer Sheikh for Frenchay Campus Officer; Rich Bursey and Hollie Glover, who were jointly elected for the Glenside Campus Officer role; Daisy Cochran and Terri Hammond for St Matthias; Catherine Mukovi for Hartpury Campus and Matthew Brown as the new Chair of Meetings.

To see who your new full-time sabbatical officers are for 2012-2013, visit: http://www.uwesu.org/representation/elections/