My role in the SU is to manage the societies: I allocate their budgets and help them to manage them. I’m also here to direct and help support societies in any fundraising events that they carry out. I’m also making a conscious effort this year to attend society meetings and see how they’re getting on.

In regards to the communications side of my role, I work closely with the Media Department, focusing on constructing ways to raise awareness around the services of the SU. My role also entails working closely with RAG (Raise and Give) to raise money for four local charities, so being creative in the events field and helping with fundraising falls under my role. This year I want to help RAG raise money for charity, help societies reach their full potential and increase their budgets through fundraising, whilst helping to make students more aware of the brilliant services the SU has to offer.

I think high quality support and a wide range of opportunities is what’s important to students, in addition to this, they want to be met by a welcoming SU that genuinely has their best interests at heart – which is what we provide here at UWE.