My main goal for this year is to provide UWE students with the education they demand and deserve. In order to do this, I need to know what the students require and I believe now is the perfect time for UWE students to take some ownership of their own education.

As well as my continuous engagement with students to get a wide range of opinions, Student Reps are also an excellent source of course-related feedback. An improvement of communication between the University and its students is currently being addressed within the SU.

Feedback collected from last year shows that a high proportion of students believe they are given the chance to put their problems and ideas forward, but a small amount feel that anything is being done about it. Over the coming weeks, ‘Education Information’ will show ways that UWE is continually improving its education thanks to the feedback collected by student reps and other sources. Join Olly Reid Vp Education UWESU on Facebook and make your voice heard. It’s your education, your voice.