I’m Colin Offler – the Students’ Union President at UWE. I’m a fourth year student, studying Education Studies. I’m going back to my course to finish up in my 5th year. I play Ice Hockey for the UWE/Bristol Lions, and can proudly say we were crowned Division Two National Champions last year!

I occasionally teach Flair with the Bar School Society and I’ve been a member of the Disability Awareness Network since its creation. It’s a real privilege to have been re-elected as Students’ Union President this year because the Students’ Union is all about improving students’ lives. The work that Vice Presidents, the Executive Committee and I do on a daily basis have a common goal in enhancing the student experience – student life isn’t always all roses and cupcakes I’m afraid!

Some of my key priorities for the year include lobbying UWE for a new, fit-for-purpose, SU building, which will defend access, widen participation and support students in Higher Education. Furthermore, I’ll be ensuring that the work of the executive committee is informed, supported by student engagement and is successful in making the lives of students better during their time at UWE. It’s sometimes tough to gauge how elected officers strive to achieve these things, and often, it’s the heated debates with UWE’s decision-making boards that make the difference.

If you want to hear more about what your elected officers have been doing for you then check out our updates via the website: http://www.uwesu.org/representation/presidents/