> New three-in-one smart cards to be available from September

UWE is set to release a brand new three-three-in-one smart card for its members.

UWESU voted to lobby the University for a move to amalgamate several current cards under motion two at the UWESU 2010 AGM.
The card is intended to cut the amount of materials used by consolidating a number of existing cards as well as making savings “by removing the duplication of cards”.

The smart card will act as a form of ID, as well as a UWE library card and U-Link travel card. The card can also be used for security access control.
Student Union President Colin Offler said, “The consolidation of multiple applications onto one card will have a direct link into improving the student experience”.

“By April 2012, the one card will be used to load money onto via UWE web portals and used to access multiple services; including: UWE restaurants, retail shops, parking, and even photocopying.”

It is hoped the card will speed up transaction times, eliminate long queues, and help students keep their information onto one card.
However, the card has come under scrutiny from some students. When asked what they thought about the new smart card, 22 year old journalism student Gemma Kirk said
“It sounds like a logical step forward in terms of technology, but what happens if you lose your card?, somebody has access to all your information in one place.”

The new cards are expected to be available for the upcoming term in September 2011.

John Howell