> Do you want to get active, but are often scared to do fitness? This is the project for you!

Well this is the perfect project for you to get involved in!

Over the last 2 weeks I have been collating emails from women really keen to be a part on this new and exciting campaign.


The project will aim to engage women in a variety of new activities that stray away from the ‘norm’. The program will offer a select group of women the opportunity to access these activities free of charge. Alongside these activities the program will offer health/weight and exercise management programs and advice. Also the program will aid the women in setting personal active goals to enhance their well being.

Examples of new activities:

Zumba, Salsa, Pole Fitness, aerobics, jogging groups etc Also utilizing women’s sports and activities we already have at UWE to enhance promotion of their activities and so they can also become involved in the program.

Target Audience:

-Women who exercise less than 3x30minutes a week

-Women who are currently not heavily a part of a sport or society and do not have a gym membership

For the Campaign we need a Project Team of 10 girls to help coordinate the campaign. Then we will have up to 250 spots for females that wish to just try something new and take part.

Therefore if you definitely want to be a part of it please email me your

1.      Name

2.      Email address

3.      Would you like to be part of the Project Team or simply Take Part?

4.      If you answered Project Team: please send me 3 times that are best for you on an average week?

5.      If you currently are active what activities/hobbies are you interested in?

6.      What campus do you study on?

This is a new and exciting project that I hope will engage and encourage women at UWE to get active and try new activities.

Please email me on sports.president@uwe.ac.uk if its something that interests you!

Nadia Harding