> UWE launches new Health and Safety text based initiative

?The University’s Health and Safety Unit has launched a new initiative enabling students to quickly report any safety issues across all UWE campuses.

The system works within the University’s existing SMS based text messaging service, and aims to better facilitate student feedback on safety.

How it works is simple: if you noticed a radiation leak (or other hazard) in the undercroft (or anywhere else for that matter), whip out your trusty mobile telephone and text the word SAFETY and details of said hazard (location, nature of hazard, half-life of fissile material) to the number below, and the University will be on the case as soon as possible.

WesternEye decided to test out the service when one of our light fittings was threatening to curtail the life of UWESU’s IT guru, Shane Reidy.
Within two minutes of sending our first text we received a phone call confirming the hazard and saying someone would be sent out imminently.

Ten minutes later a friendly chap arrived, fetched a ladder and sorted the light fixture right out.
It appears as if it really is as easy as that.

Granted, it’s not quite the ‘Bat-signal’, but just you wait…

Text any repairs or hazards that you spot on campus to:

+44 1173 255 500