> All UWE campuses involved in activities to help promote a greener and more ethical future

On the 18th of October “Sustainability Week” commenced over several UWE campuses.

Student Representative Council President, Colin Offler, said “just take a moment to consider how simple changes to your day to day life could have a huge positive impact on our environment” and during this week the university organised and held events to encourage people to do just that. From clothes swaps to campus tours, UWE tried to involve all students and get them to understand the importance of contributing to saving the environment.

The week kicked off with events on both Frenchay and Bower Ashton campuses. While

Frenchay was busy showing off their new eco friendly block and all its best sustainable techniques, Bower Ashton was holding a “Clothes Swap”. The swap had a wide range of items, from full length coats to hats and scarves, which allowed students to replace their unwanted clothes with a completely different garment. The idea was very well received with students agreeing that it was “a great way to recycle clothes and find ourselves a new outfit”.

Tuesday saw the fair come to Frenchay campus with organised farmers markets, cheap bike stalls and fair trade good foods. An event, that I believe, would have been well received at Bower Ashton therefore if this week is a regular occurrence it would be a beneficial to involve more campuses.

Mid-week the 2nd year fashion students contributed with their sustainable clothes show, students showed their beautiful garments made from all kinds of fabrics and materials ranging from organic bamboo silk to old telephone receivers. I was surprised by the talent and how skilfully made the outfits were. I think this event definitely deserves a bigger place in the next sustainability week as it is a great way to promote the talent that UWE is producing.

The end of the week was packed with more swaps and saw the close of the save energy contest.  Throughout the week different campuses had been taking part in the Battle Of

The Buildings; in which they were competing to see who could save the most energy. An idea which I think should spread across the whole year.

Overall the week was a success and the next time it comes around it should bigger, better and make people save more energy.

Eleanor Heaford