> We explore Bristol’s ‘Cultural’ quarter.

Some of you may be reading this and have (gasp) never ventured into the cultural melting pot that is Stokes Croft. After living here for only a couple of months; I really have seen the heart of Bristol.

Not only are there FREE art galleries to venture into, where amazing pieces by local artists are sold, the whole of Stokes croft is an outdoor gallery, and the best thing about the scenery here that it’s always changing. I’m not exaggerating, buildings get painted over so new art can be displayed.

 There are a number of fantastic bars, pubs and clubs catering for whatever mood you happen to be in. If you like live music, ‘The Croft’ consistently hosts underground and up and coming artists of all genres. Lakota is one of the best clubs in Bristol, forget all about the sticky floors and VK’s in Oceana, if you really want an all night rave, you have got it here, and with themed nights throughout the month it has got something for everyone.  ‘The Canteen’ is packed every night, and is not only a great place to have a drink and watch some live music, but it also has incredible fresh food with an ever changing seasonal menu, and a complimentary dish of soup with every meal (more free stuff!).

 Zazu’s Kitchen is another fantastic place to eat, but more to the point so is the whole of Stoke Croft, where most places sell strictly organic (and therefore much tastier) food. The variety of food is incredible, nowhere else in Bristol has so much squeezed into such a small place.

 Describing Stokes Croft pales in comparison to actually seeing it.  Come out for a couple of drink here, have a look around and speak to some people (your allowed to do that in Stokes Croft) and you will see how this is the most loved and prideful place in Bristol.

 It’s generally fairly cheap to live here, and it is next to the city centre, so no taxi’s into town, it’s close to all major bus routes.  It has a great mixture of people, music and cultures so if you are looking for somewhere to live with a great energy this is the place. Go to the next Stokes Croft Street festival if you’re not sure, you’ll regret your over priced flat in Clifton or your middle of the road house on Gloucester road. Living in Stokes Croft you really get to know Bristol, and no student should leave University without having a taste of this crazy place.

Kim Parker