> Hello UWE and all its glorious students.

The last few weeks have been very lively at UWE, with students becoming very passionate about the cuts and rise in tuition fees. Students have been on rallies in central London and Bristol and also have been camping in Core 24 to protest against the increase.

 The AGM was also very lively; we had around 300 students attend keen to have their voices heard and ensure the students are at the heart of the Students’ Union decision making. Thank you to all that attended and cast their votes. Wil Harris (Campaigns Officer) and I wrote a motion about protecting Wednesday afternoons so they are free for recreational activity. This passed with a whopping 97%, and the motion will now ensure that the Union continues to lobby the University to honour the agreement.

 The projects that have been at the forefront of my work the last couple months are the Varsity Series and the Women’s Active Campaign. So far I have been booking dates for the Varsity Series and organizing bringing back Varsity Day. The Boat Varsity is set to be on the 14th May and rugby and football at the Memorial Stadium before Easter Holidays.

 BUCS fixtures so far have had mixed results, with some challenging matches and also UWE dominating some leagues. One club new last year, Lacrosse, have dominated so far and won every fixture; great work guys!

 Nadia Harding