> This months UWESU SRC President’s update…

An exciting month in the life of SRC President!

The AGM packed out and facilitated some really good debates, students have mobilised in an occupation against the cuts in Higher Education and the rise in tuition fees and Wessex Connect finally got the picture that something drastic needs to be done to resolve the issues with the U-link service and therefore changed their management!

 A couple of other big things going on, congratulations to everyone who got voted in to be UWESU delegates at NUS Conference this year, and those who didn’t start to think forward to next year’s elections! Exciting feedback from facilities that the awful security system in the Student Village is going to be replaced early in the new year, an issue which has been raised with the University for years though Halls Reps so thank you to everyone who pushed for this to be addressed.

 On a note of massive importance, over the coming weeks the vote in Parliament to increase tuition fees to £9000 is likely to be pushed through and shortly after the vote on whether or not EMA (Educational Maintenance Allowance) will be scrapped. I urge you to take a moment out of your time to sign the online right to recall pledge, stating that if your MP votes for higher tuition fees, you want them recalled having not kept the promises that they were elected in on. This is a National Campaign to put pressure on MP’s to keep to either keep their promises or be removed for not doing so therefore holding them to account. Far too many politicians have broken promises which were the foundations of their election campaigns. Break the trend, sign the pledge. www.righttorecall.co.uk.’

Colin Offler (SRC President)