> Roses and chocolates might be your typical Valentine’s gift but the NHS is offering free pants this Valentine’s as part of a new health campaign.

Hundreds of pharmacies across the region are part of the ‘Pee for Pants’ initiative that gives students free pants if they pee in a pot or take a swab to test for Chlamydia.

With 1 in 12 sexually active young people now having Chlamydia, it’s important that students regularly get tested for an infection that typically has no symptoms.

Barbara Coleman, NHS Bristol, said: “The worst Valentine’s gift you can give is Chlamydia, so why not get tested today and grab yourself some free pants too? Most pharmacies in the area offer free self-test kits that you can take home and then post back to us, postage paid. It’s easy to treat as well so you can get rid of the infection before it gives you long term health problems.”

To find your nearest pharmacy just visit www.4ypbristol.co.uk/chlamydiatesting or call 0845 1800050.