> House shopping time is drawing near, but what do you want from your area?

One of the oldest and most affluent areas of Bristol, Clifton, with its leafy streets and huge, white Georgian houses is undoubtedly  a beautiful place to live. 

The houses here are more expensive per month than in other areas, ranging from around £3-400, but for good reason.  Packed full of pubs, bars, restaurants and quirky shops there’s always something to take your mind off an assignment and catch up with friends.  The great cafes do brilliant breakfasts for curing all alcohol related ails.  It’s a great place to show off to visiting family and friends too; boasting plenty of open green spaces, boutique shops, the infamous cider house the Corrie Tap within an easy stroll to the buzz of Whiteladies Road, The Triangle and Park Street, , where you’ll find a multitude of bars, restaurants and shops, what more could you need? 

The buses to Frenchay can be infrequent and complicated: you might want to make friends with someone with a car if you don’t own one yourself.  There’s always the option of a bike, but Park Street is really steep after a day in uni…or anytime at all to be honest.  However you will save a lot of time and money on taxis.  The central hub of evening activity is just a totter away, even in your heels.   Cabot Circus and the centre are also only around a 15-20 minute walk away.

Redland really isn’t that much different: it’s more residential with less quirk but still the same leafy areas and easy walking distances.  The Bristol University students also residing in this area means that the areas are still studenty and cosmopolitan.  There’s the same dilemma with the buses but parking is generally more accessible and you do get more room for your money without the ‘prestigious’ BS8 postcode.  But hey, BS6 is just as good, and there are some great little food and drink places to discover if you head towards St Michael’s Hill…until the third week of term when you get really skint and then you’ll be pleased to know both areas are serviced by a large Sainsbury’s and a variety of late night Tesco Expresses and Co-ops.  You’ve got to have some will power to live here though: with the temptation of hundreds of bars right on your doorstep, that essay gets less and less appealing with every minute that goes by…

Henry Stoneley