> Your Activities Presidents welcomes in the new year (a little late) with a message for the Westerneye…

Happy new year everyone!

I do hope the festive period was a welcome break from all your University commitments and busy Bristol lives!

Now back to action,

Activities awards are being prepared, the date is set at the 5th of April. More details will follow shortly but I can assure you I intend to keep the ticket price as cheap as possible so more of you can come. I can say we have a D list celebrity, who happens to be a stand up comedian, as the host of the evening. If you ever watched Escape to the country on BBC1, you might recognise him, if not what the hell, he is very funny!

We have Jailbreak on the 5th February; you can sign up at www.unijailbreak.com/uwe.

Rag Week commencing on the 7th of February.

Both these events are a perfect opportunity for you guys to get involved with some fundraising for charities, it also looks great on your CV!

One Society Many Cultures Conference on the 8th of February.

Elections for sabbatical positions are once again just around the corner; this is a great opportunity to be elected into a job that gives you the membership a chance to run things in your Student Union.

There are 5 fulltime sabbatical positions to run for,

Union President

VP Education

VP Sports

VP community and Welfare

VP Societies and Communication

Each position with the exception of Union President has Part time officers to run for as well.

Cheers Guys!