Parking in the 'wet desert'

The temporary planning permission on car park 20 expires next year, sparking fears for commuting students and the growing need for parking around campus.

The 1200 space car park, situated on the Frenchay campus, is the most popular means of parking for commuting students. However the expiration of the provisional use of the land, on the 12th June next year, could mean that students may need to find alternative parking or use public transport.

Nicholas Loughlin is the project manager of TravelSmart, a company in talks with South Gloucester council over car-park solutions. He told WesternEye that ‘Negotiations were currently happening with the council over permission to use the Hewlett Packard site as a temporary area for parking after the 12th June’. Loughlin stated that the discussions were “very positive”; however factors such as cost will not be released this early in the talks and a contingency plan, should the discussions not succeed, has not been discussed.

UWE Vice-Chancellor, Steve West, has also commented on the future of car park 20 suggesting that: “There are two options. One is that we extend its use as a temporary car park; the second is how to develop Frenchay site and how to increase car parking on the campus side of the road.” Mr. West also informed WesternEye that UWE is in negotiations with South Gloucestershire at the moment for the re-provision of car park 20.’ The future for car park 20 is still uncertain but these talks show that students will hopefully not have to resort to other means of parking in the first semester of 2011.