> UWE boxing going strong and looking to improve with new addition to coaching set up
> Plus, Q&A with the team

A lively Freshers Fair was an excellent start to the season for the UWE Boxing club. The recruitment drive went well and the club had a busy stand with lots of new members from novices to experienced amateur boxers signing up.

The club has streamlined its coaching and now has a very clear lesson and progression path which will really help members get the most from their boxing.

The club is able to use a series of top rate venues for its training from the CfS at Frenchay to Filton WISE, and Paddy John’s gym for the squad, and is confident that no University Boxing Club in the country can match such a excellent package of facilities and coaching, and is delighted to welcome Bristol’s own ex-WBC Super middleweight world champion Glen Catley to the coaching staff.

This promises to an epic season for the club which is hungry to add to the success of last year, a gold in the English University Championships and two Silvers at BUCS was a good haul, but feeling and confidence in the squad is high that this can be equalled or bettered this term. With several championship level boxers now in the squad and a good strong crop of fighters working hard and looking set to make their debuts and box after Christmas, the club is looking to field its strongest squad to date.

With UWE sports nights, club drinks after Tuesday training at St Matts and several big fights on TV coming up, coupled with a busy schedule of training the autumn term is set to be busy one!

What do I need to Train with the club?

– Paid Membership! Join here -http://www.uwesu.org/get_involved/sports/sports_clubs_list/boxing

– Sports clothes

– Trainers

– Hand Wraps (which can be found in most sports shops for a couple of pounds)

– Bottle of water/squash/Isotonic drinks and make sure you have eaten properly that day.

– Boxing Gloves if you have them, 14oz preferably, but they will be supplied so not essential.

– Gum Shield (Intermediate/Squad)

Do I have to Fight/Spar?

No, you will never be made to spar. Many people join the club to get fit and learn the skills. However, our main goal is to produce boxers representing the university in bouts so the training is geared towards reaching this, with intermediate and especially the squad sessions focusing a lot on this.

How long does training sessions last?

Level 1 Beginner’s – 1 hour

Level 2 Novice – 2 hours

Level 3 Intermediate – 2 hours

Which session should I go to?

The beginner’s lessons are for those wanting to improve their fitness, lose some weight, and begin to learn the basics of boxing.

The novice lessons are for those who have never had any boxing experience, but have a good standard of basic fitness. These will focus on correct technique and fitness.

The Intermediate sessions are for those who were in the club last year, attended most of the training and for those with previous boxing or combat sports experience.

If you have previous boxing experience, please contact any of the committee members ASAP via email or Facebook.

Where do I have to go for training?

Level 1 – Beginners




These lessons are for Men or Women in single sex groups.

Non-contact, skills and technique focused, 8 week modules

Aimed at people who want to improve fitness and co-ordination, and have had no prior Boxing or contact sport experience.

You DON’T have to join the UWE Boxing Club to sign up for these 8 week courses, and you will get a 50% discount on club membership later on in the year if you wish to follow them up and come to the main club lessons at Level 2

Time: TBC

St Matthias Campus

STARTS – 18th October


Level 2 – Novice.

Mixed lessons

Non-contact, skills, fitness, and technique focused.

Aimed at members of the club who have completed Level 1, or have some contact sports experience.


4.00pm – 6.00pm

St Matthias Campus



Level 3 – Intermediate.

Mixed lessons

Semi-contact, skills, fitness, and technique focused.

Aimed at members who have completed Level 2, returning, Year 2 members, those with previous combat sport or boxing experience, or a very good level of fitness.


6.00pm – 8.00pm

Filton WISE



What happens if I struggle to make regular training?

Not a massive issue unless you want to be considered for squad training or are meant to be boxing sometime soon.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

Unfortunately not. We strongly recommend that those who are new to boxing and are unsure if they will like it take the centre for sport ‘learn to play’ lessons which follow the same plan as the novice club lessons but are only 8 weeks long. Ask the centre for sports for details. After completing these sessions you can join the club in the 2nd term at a discounted rate if you want.

When are the social nights?

The club normally has a drink after novice training on Tuesdays at the St Matt’s bar.

We are planning to have social nights in conjunction with the University sports nights; we will all meet up before hand (normally joining another sports club to ensure a good gender mix) and finish at the sports night. Details will be given for each social before the event.

We also get together to watch big fights on T.V whenever possible.

What do I need to do to box for the university?

Turn up regularly and show you are keen, committed and developing in your boxing skills well. If this is shown you will move up to the squad where you are expected to train more and harder, then you will get carded and medical checked.

Our aim is to teach and support you in your development as a boxer and if you want it we can support you.

Where can I buy equipment/training clothes?


Various websites offer some pretty good quality boxing stuff, Geezers Palace is a good site.

Where can I get help with nutrition?

Basic nutrition is pretty easy, ask other boxers what they do and tailor it to your needs. You won’t need to worry about making weight unless you are on the squad.

Who do I contact to speak to about club issues? (e.g. membership, training, problems…)

General Problems/Questions – Matt Page

Membership and requests for reimbursement – Sean Heveran

Problems with training or weight/injuries – Joe Hobbs

Anything regarding the SU/competitions – Demian Attwell

Don’t forget to join the Facebook Page (UWE Boxing) and look at the Website: