The relocation of St Matthias Campus and Media Practice from Bower Ashton aims to consolidate the new Faculty of Creative Arts, Humanities and Education and other UWE departments that are currently spread across the campuses.

The project will deliver a new 250 capacity high quality lecture theatre, in addition to modernised seminar rooms, and specialised facilities for both Drama and Media Studies, among other plans. The relocation development was put into action in 2009 after it was decided that St Matts had become economically unviable.

It is hoped that following the closure of the campus in 2012, further investment into teaching, learning and social facilities can be made. Frenchay campus already has many facilities not currently available at St Matthias or Bower Ashton Campus, including a 24 hour library and extensive state-of-the-art sports facilities.

“I believe the relocation can only be a positive for UWE. However, I feel the university will be losing a piece of its history when it loses St Matts Campus” said 21 year old Media and Culture student, Thomas Rae, who is a member that will be the last class to graduate from the St Matthias Campus.

It had been hoped that St Matts would be salvaged. The campus has been complimented for its beautiful architecture and widely regarded sense of community.