> Popular keep-fit society clearly becoming a firm UWE favourite

UWE’s Pole Fitness Society is one of the freshest societies to join the ever-growing list of sports and clubs.

Despite this, we had over 150 members last year and this year we are striving to top this achievement. The committee has grown on the previous year and includes Kate Czepulkowski (President), Brandy Young (Vice President), Sabrina Laborda (Secretary), Anne La Broy (Treasurer), Sarah Buckland (Social Secretary) and Kayleigh Hole (Events Co-ordinator). This year we are passionate about promoting pole fitness as a recognised sport which takes skill, precision and strength.

Previously, pole has been a typically taboo subject, often associated with men leering at women in clubs and strip bars. Our society helps to alleviate this stereotypical image and at the same time offer an alternative fitness workout.

The benefits to pole fitness are immense, varying from increasing flexibility, building upper body strength and core stability, improving muscle tone and definition to body confidence and general wellbeing. Would you like to tone up without the mundane routine in the gym, then why not sign up and give pole fitness a go?

You will learn new moves each week, discover how to arrange moves into sequences with different routines and ultimately enjoy your work out. In addition to this all classes are conducted in a professional studio with qualified instructors to take you step by step through the lessons. To boot, the studio has a friendly atmosphere, approachable instructors and an air of class!

The first 150 students to pay membership fees and come into Spin City will receive a FREE Pole goodie bag containing UWE hotpants, vouchers for a free pole photo shoot, VIP cards at our sponsor bars, UWE Pole membership card and much more! Our membership is only £15.00 for the year and classes are at the discounted price of £5.00 per session, for more details please visit http://www.spincitypolefitness.com/page7.htm. There will be three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Although you may start as a beginner, our instructors will encourage you to progress to the next level in due course.

Still not convinced if pole fitness will be your thing? Worried that you don’t have enough upper body strength or confidence? Concerned about joining on your own?

UWE’s Pole Fitness Society prides itself on being a society for men and women, all abilities and every age! If you would like to know more information, speak to one of the committee members who will be happy to help! All of our committee members have been partaking in pole fitness lessons for approximately a year and demonstrate the level you could achieve through just one year’s membership. We are also one of the only societies which are linked to the University of Bristol (UOB).

Whilst UOB have their own sponsor bars, society classes are open to both members of UWE and UOB’s Pole Fitness Societies. With this in mind, we have organised our next social event to be a joint with the American Football Team on 4th November 2010. We will be starting at the SU’s sponsor bar Eton before moving on to the American Footballers’ sponsor; Reflex! Make sure you don’t miss out on what is going to be an epic night!

We look forward to seeing you there!
UWE Pole Committee xx
Please note the address of the studio is: Spin City Pole Fitness, The Workshop, Hampton Lane, Clifton, Bristol, BS6 6LE.