Friday night saw the launch of a new exhibition in Howies gallery space upstairs. The exhibition features 12 of howies favourite Illustrators and showcases a selection of their work, both past and present.

To celebrate this creative reunion, Howies have had a limited print t-shirt made up with their doodling friends rewriting the Howies logo. If you didn’t make it on Friday night you may have missed out on organic cider, scones and brownies…but you still have the rest of the month to pop in, check out the work and grab yourself a t-shirt. Work includes Mr Bingo, Nicholas Burrows, Claire Scully and UWE’s very own Robert Hunter who graduated in 2007. The show runs until November the first and if your not in the know Howies can be found at the top of Park Street next to some club called Bunker? Never heard of it myself but there you go ENJOY.

By Alex Green