I trust everyone has had a crazy good summer and is eagerly bouncing through Fresher’s like a mad bouncy thing!

All new students, welcome to UWE and for everyone returning, welcome back! I’m your elected Student Representative Council (SRC) President 2010/11. This means I am here to ensure that your voice is heard as a member of UWESU and of the University of the West of England. Over the summer I have attended training courses, conferences and engaged in debates across the UK in order to develop routes to positive change this academic year, both locally and nationally in order to enhance your student experience.

If you have signed up to be a Halls Rep or Student Rep this year then you will be seeing a lot of me! (You lucky blighters).

I’m pleased to report that this academic year the U6 bus service has been introduced! This service has been brought in thanks to your feedback and future improvements to the U-link service will continue to be made based on your feedback so please keep it up!

Upon taking office there were a few simple changes I wanted to achieve in order to make the Students’ Union more sustainable. Having liaised with bar management both Escape and Red Bar are now recycling 100’s of plastic bottles sold every week! A simple, cost effective step to the sustainable future of the Student’s Union and a healthy earth!

Furthermore I have drawn up plans to achieve feedback from cyclists at UWE in order to discover the general standard of provision currently in place, what the University  could be doing better and what the barriers to cycling are for students in the modern day. As one of the most cost effective, as well as environmentally friendly and healthy ways of travelling to University I feel it brings a huge amount of benefit to the student lifestyle (Money being worry numero uno for most of us!).

In the near future we will be video blogging to keep you posted throughout the year (Gail’s ingenious idea) so keep an eye out to keep in the know!

What you can expect from me this year? I will work hard for you, I will play hard with you, and we will make 2010/11 the best year that UWE has ever seen!

Big love