When looking back over history, radio has been an enabler to the common individual to gain access to music they don’t own, or find difficult to get hold of. But with the ability now to gain access to an ever increasing library of music and the ease of acquiring it, is there a need to turn on your radio? The internet, phones and mp3 players all now allow access to music, and you no longer need to own the rights. So in that case, what is the role of the radio presenter in this day and age? What do they offer that can’t be gained from the use of Spotify or last.fm?

With the continued development of new streaming technology, is there a need for radio any more?  Hub Radio DJ Dave Willis investigates.

These two programmes allow access to music, band bibliographies and even suggest alternative bands that come under similar genres. So what do we gain from a presenter?
I feel at this point it is important to remember that up and coming bands/artists are unlikely to get their music onto the websites I have already mentioned. So we turn to websites that may blog on the subject of up and coming new music. These are useful tools but don’t match the speed of the oral delivery of a radio presenter. They can give impact and information to keep up to date with the ever changing nature of the music industry in a couple of words.
However some stations do not allow the freedom to the presenter to explore the current state of music and prefer to go with established acts. The presenters who push for the inclusion of new bands, or non-commercial acts are often side-lined to poor hours of the day and are seen as a niche market.
The Hub radio at UWE allows for complete freedom and no such restrictions. Presenters have the freedom to more readily introduce you to new and interesting music that you may otherwise have missed. This is not to say that we don’t use websites to give us information, but I feel that we give a more human face to the music we champion.
With that I feel it is important to say turn on your radio, stream our station even for an hour and you will find a wealth of experience and advice on new music to you. We are passionate about what we do and you won’t hear us complaining about the fact the station hasn’t paid us, we do it for free out of the love we feel for music.
That is not to say you won’t hear a golden oldie or two but it is more to do with the fact we like it and not that we are being told to play it. So if you feel like it you can find us on 1449AM or streamed on the Hub Radio website.
Happy Listening.