O2 Academy, Bristol – Tuesday 23rd February 2010

Hot Chip in action, somewhere

With only two acts on tonight’s line up, ‘Casiokids’ had giant boots to fill opening for the UK’s royalty of electro-pop: ‘Hot Chip’.

Although the most part of the crowd, of which 50% seemed to be parents accompanying their teenage ‘scene’ kids, decided not to show up for the support, Casiokids were not phased and provided an energy filled set which delighted those who turned up early.

Hailing from Norway, Casiokids’  addictive electronic Scandinavianism matched the energy and excitement of any top UK indie band of recent months.

Although relatively unknown in the UK, tonight’s performance did no less than urge those in attendance to go home and listen to their recorded material. Playing a mixture of songs from their 2006 album, “Fuck MIDI!’, such as ‘Il Fait Beau’ and the recognisable ‘Bagamoyo’, mixed with tracks from their new release (February 15th) “Topp Stemming Pa Local Bar” (translated as: ‘Top atmosphere at local bar’) such as the melodic ‘Fot I Hose’, Casiokids’ instrumental interchanging and energetic opening set proved their worth as Hot Chip’s warm up act. Keep an eye on this band.

Hot Chip are renowned for their addictive electro pop and tonight they were outstanding!

I have never seen six people who would look less likely to even be friends, rather than in one of the UK’s most seminal electro-pop bands of recent years, than the members of Hot Chip! With the short and fantastically dressed lead singer (Alexis Taylor) tip toeing to the microphone to provide pitch perfect vocals, to the euphoric vocalist/keyboardist (Joe Goddard), who consistently bounced jollily through the set; Hot Chip overwhelmed tonight’s audience.

Blasting out classics from all of their four studio albums: ‘Coming on Strong’, ‘The Warning’, ‘Made in the Dark’ and ‘One Life Stand’ (released January 2010), with an aura of aged professionalism, Hot Chip did indeed bring the heat this evening.

Flowing through perfect versions of song such as ‘And I Was a Boy from School’, ‘One Pure Thought’ and ‘Out of the pictures’, Hot Chip did not mess around, and hit the proverbial spot perfectly.

Ending with the massive single ‘Ready for the Floor’, which led to the imminent ‘dancing’ of every person in the building (even the parents joined in!) tonight’s set was nothing less than perfect.

Hot Chip have been in the business for the best part of 10 years now, and have dominated the genre of electro-pop throughout, and they aren’t going anywhere. I’m not complaining