Is this cool?

Is it me, or is dressing like your grandmother (or grandfather, for that matter!) suddenly really cool?

Reminiscing over how ‘uncool’ they were, designers usually describe themselves in childhood as being the nerd of the class, but now it seems they are having their revenge.

All of a sudden, everyone is dressing like the people that they mocked in school. The kid that wore glasses and converse sat at the back of the class is now the reference point for many designers in 2010 including Luella, Viktor and Rolf and Yumi. The fashion reject has now become the fashion icon.

Luella Bartley first launched what designers have coined ‘Geek Chic’ in the Spring/Summer collection of 2008 and inevitably, budding fashionistas eventually caught on to this ‘geek’ revival and repackaged it as retro and wacky and drained it of its formerly ‘uncool’ appeal.

It’s now considered ‘cool’ to wear ankle socks with brogues and a floral skirt. I have to admit I’m enjoying this trend as I, myself, am partial to an oversized cardigan, especially in these cold winter months.

So anyway, if you want to successfully pull off this look here’s a few items you might want to invest in. Oversized cardigans, Doc Martins, band t-shirts circa 1980s, brogues and granny-style glasses. Think Enid from Ghost Town, meets Daria.

The key point in this trend, however, is not to go overboard or you could end up looking like Blanche from Coronation Street (RIP), or you may even get mistaken for your own grandmother.

Nevertheless, be warned. Don’t be as naive to think that this trend is easy. It takes a lot of confidence to pull it off successfully otherwise you may be feeling those repressed school yard taunts coming back to haunt you.