UWE's new Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC) is the new home for exams

Since the vast HP2 building was opened to UWE, the Exhibition and Conference Centre has been used as the location for 22,000 sittings.

The transition from using up to 60 different rooms at any one time to one room segregated into six zones was intended, among other things, “to meet the needs of students” Vice Chancellor Steve West stated in a 2008 press release on the UWE website.

Generally, it was well organised and the invigilators were well informed with regards to the new procedures.

Central Examinations Manager, Dawn Stephens told Western Eye “In regard to the use of the ECC for examinations, the initial feedback we have received from students and staff alike has been very good. However we will continue to review arrangements and procedures to ensure and maintain a positive student experience.”

Despite this positive reassurance a general feeling of dissatisfaction with the new and unimproved examination experience persists.

Serenny Gatland, a third year drama student, said that “The ECC building is a completely unacceptable environment; from the sheer amount of students to the cross-contaminating tannoy announcements.” and adds that, for her, the January examinations were “an incredibly stressful experience that cannot be afforded as a final year student.”

Simon Ho, a Masters student also taking exams at the ECC for the first time, said that he “was pleasantly surprised to how good the exam facilities were in the ECC. The whole organisation of the exam process was spot on….The environment was good, nice and quiet.  It did get a bit cold at times but this is probably a good thing.  It kept me awake which did the trick.  Apart from that, I found the whole experience more than satisfying”

Student reps will be asked to give feedback in meetings over the next few months. If you have any comments that you would like to feedback about the ECC, please contact the student rep for your course so they can pass on your thoughts.

If you would like to find out who your student rep is, please email your course and year to studentreps@uwe.ac.uk and we will be in touch.

Do you have any comments on the new exam hall? If so please contact: news@westerneye.net