So, the first decade of the new millennium has come to a close.

It’s been a strange old trip, I think you’ll agree. The birth of a new wave of communications and networking tools takes the world by storm. Tweeting, Facebooking and nth gen phones become household practices.

The never ending ‘war on terror’ begins which results in the gradual erosion of human rights and privacy the world over. London sees a mass exodus of Brazilian sparkies.  ‘Security’ becomes a key concern.

I’m not even sure what that term really means. I certainly feel less secure knowing that I could be pulled aside at an airport, strip searched and detained for three months without trial or charge because I have a suspicious looking bottle of water.

The ‘Euro zone’ is created making things much easier when travelling on the continent! This was until the Euro became worth nearly as much as the pound and we all realised we had to pay seven quid for a pint of beer on holiday. The Republic of Ireland rises to become one of the most prosperous countries in the EU.

The Hadron Supercollider is unveiled, breaks and becomes the yardstick that any vastly expensive and pointless gadgetry is measured by.

The US elects the charismatic and mesmerising Barack Obama, its first African American President, who immediately starts at least talking about closing Guantanamo Bay.

Sadly this coincides with the exit of the other African American premier, Michael Jackson who dies at the age of 50.

As I said before it has been a strange trip. Almost a baptism of fire as we begin the 21st Century.

One would hope that this will come to be known as ‘The Green Age’ as climate change moves steadily up, at least some people’s, agenda.