When Western Eye editor Sarah asked me if I wanted to attend the opening of a new clothing line at House of Fraser I thought about it for all of a second before saying yes. Then she mentioned the free champagne and the opportunity to get a free shirt! I felt like Carrie Bradshaw. While not normally a fan of shopping my accomplice Neil was tempted by the free shirt too so off we went.

Upon arriving at House of Fraser we met Adele who promptly offered us a glass of bubbles. We were then led to the display of Hawes & Curtis men’s shirts, and wow! There were multi coloured shirts galore; pink stripes, blue stripes, pink and blue stripes, every colour of the rainbow stripes. You name the colour and there was a stripy shirt in it.

The shirts also came with cuff variances. Now I don’t know much about men’s shirts but Hawes & Curtis seemed to have everything covered, including different collar sizes too – Harry Hill eat your heart out! There was also a range of more formal shirts, and while still quite colourful these were undoubtedly more aimed at the less ‘look at me’ man.

Neil made his choice of a few shirts, including an interesting blue flowery number, and while he was trying them on I went off to browse the ladies range. The selection here was much smaller than downstairs in the men’s range but it certainly gave you a good idea of the Hawes & Curtis collection.

Half an hour later, after having consumed another glass of champagne Neil and I were reunited and showed each other our wares – a multi coloured striped shirt for him and a fuchsia and white striped shirt for me

Hawes & Curtis certainly make very good shirts; 100% pure cotton, plain, patterned and textured designs, with precise attention to detail in the finish of the collars and cuffs. They’ll set you back upwards of £50 (unless you are fortunate enough to spot their ½ price sale offers), so maybe not aimed at today’s student, however there’s no harm in having one in your wardrobe for that special occasion.

Below: Neil looks the part in a multi-striped shirt; the range of shirts in the new Haws & Curtis concession.