While you’re tucked up on the sofa eating the leftovers of Christmas feasts, watching blockbusters on the telly, spare a brief thought for those films that will soon be on the silver screen in 2009.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Star Trek and the fourth Terminator film; Terminator Salvation will all be gracing the big screen this summer and the Western Eye have been given a sneak peak at some new Terminator images, courtesy of Total Film magazine.


This time around John Conner is played by the fantastic Christopher Bale who has rejuvenated the role of Batman in recent years. Set in post-apocalyptic 2018, audiences will get to experience the battle of all battles as humans go to war with Skynet Terminators. No doubt that Bale and co will save the day but apparently another instalment is already in the pipeline, sparking rumours of a new trilogy.


Will Governor of California Arnold  Swartzneger be making a comeback? Will the humans save the day? So many questions…We’ll have a review and lots of gossip in a future issue but if you can’t wait until June then take a look at the new issue of Total Film out this month which has all the gossip, images and interviews with cast and crew.