On Thursday November 13th the National Union of Students held their first ever Student Course Representative Conference, here at UWE. Sabbatical officers, Students’ Union staff and of course student reps all arrived from various locations all around the country, with some coming from as far as Scotland.

The aim of the day was to share information, ideas and for us to showcase UWE’s Student Reps. The opening speech was delivered by Aaron Porter the NUS Vice President for Education. Aaron spoke about the importance of the student voice within Universities and how important it is to empower students to have their say. Jonathan Bradley, UWE’s Dean of Students also spoke about the importance of Students’ Unions working with the University to ensure there is an effective system in place to do this. Jonathan spoke about the importance of the student experience and how student rep feedback helps improve things for the future. He told delegates how proud he is of the systems we have in place in UWE.

Delegates were free to choose which sessions they would like to attend, with sessions being designed for both student reps themselves and student officers. SRC President, Dom Passfield, presented two sessions, showcasing the systems in place for UWE student reps.

The end of the event saw a panel of student reps assembled to answer questions based on their experiences both as students and student reps. Gail Wilson a Masters student from UWE, was asked to be on this panel to represent Postgraduate Taught students and answered every question that was posed to her. It was evident from Gail’s answers that she feels empowered by being a student rep, something that she is proud to be a part of and an experience that has developed her understanding of UWE.

SRC Vice President Katy Phillips, who attended the event, said “Today was a fantastic opportunity for student reps to meet each other and meet student officers from around the country. It was an honour for UWE to have been chosen to host the first ever conference of this nature, and showcase what we have here. It is hoped in the future, this conference will grow and grow so that more student reps can be involved and promote the UWE student voice nationally.”