A rushed all night work session may be productive and relief may be felt when the essay is handed in, narrowly escaping the world beyond the 24 hour window, but why was this assignment left to the last minute…again? 

Students hard at work in bars and shops to be able to pay their rent and tuition fees. Possibly because of a part time job, as 76% of students support their studies with employment or it may be that there were so many other essential events to take part in, such as sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag.  It is one tough question to answer, but really it comes down to that over used word included in everybody’s status on Facebook, ‘Jack Brown is so like procrastinating so more than ever’.  What is more appealing than staring at people walk in and out of the toilet or checking the extremely relevant stock exchange on the new iPhone?  There are no answers to these questions because that would involve thinking and as I am a student I don’t think, right?  This is the stereotype of an average student but realistically it may not apply to many students with 76% juggling their studies with employment.

In all honestly a student’s life is an easy one in comparison to manual labour and 9 to 5 occupations, but what ‘lazy students’ do not deserve is the monstrous debt that they are faced with once their degrees have been completed.  To add to this, many students experience the horror of emergency tax which can make university seem like one big hole full of debt to pay and forms to constantly fill in. However, some positivity can come in the form of a tax refund, if you are entitled to one. 

Not everyone agrees with this stereotype, some may ignore it and be more concerned with helping students. So as a new academic year is well under way get your financial affairs in good shape, work hard and above all enjoy your year.

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