Credit: Infectious PR
Credit: Infectious PR


Between touring with Europe with Alt J and recently finished an Album, it’s safe to say that Wolf Alice are pretty busy! I got caught up Joff, who comes from my hometown of Plymouth, to talk about how the tour was and what we can expect from them.

Hey Joff! So you’ve just finished touring Europe with Alt – J, any highlights?

It was such a great opportunity – highlight had to be the Vienna show when playing to 10,000 people and the 02 arena in London was definitely a highlight!

What was your favourite city to play?

Definitely Stockholm it was just so beautiful.

Any routines before you get on stage?

I tie my shoe laces and tie them good. I don’t want to be falling over on stage!

You recently played at BBC Radio 6 festival in Newcastle, how was that?

Yeah it was good, it wasn’t part of the tour or anything – I just get told where to play and I’ll play!

Your EP Creature Songs came out last year, good reception?

Absolutely amazing reception, its crazy that the EP came out in May 2014 and its lasted us enough press and gigs for 10 months – its mad!

Well you got some new material now because your single Giant Peach premiered today (24th Feb), excited?

Definitely, I am quietly confident about it. We’ve got a great fan base too.

Any signs of an Album?

Well actually we have an album coming  out in June called “My Love is Cool’! We also shot a video yesterday which I’m looking forward for it to come out.

Finally! Between studio and gigs, what do you do in your free time?

Well I used to do music in my free time,  so now I don’t really do a lot! It’s great though, that what I did in my free time is now my life.

Never did anything else?

Well I used to skateboard then I broke my arm, so I’ll just stick with music – I didn’t wanna mess up playing guitar!

You can get Wolf Alice’s single ‘Each Peach’ now.

By Hannah Ryan