This song is about premature ejaculation.” In one sentence Heyrocco’s frontman, Nathan, pretty much summed up Friday night’s childish antics as they take to the stage to perform “Melt” from their new EP, Mom Jeans.

Heyrocco are Nathan Jake Merli, Christopher Cool, and Taco Cooper, three school friends who have been playing together since dropping out to become the biggest rock band of their generation. Describing themselves humorously as Disney Pop, they sound like the inner-monologue of every white fifteen year old boy in the world. But why are the South Carolina-based band so far away from home? They were the headline act for Bristol Live Magazine’s October launch party at Start The Bus alongside Milo’s Plane and the more punk-driven, The Gnarwhals.

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As the trio burst into the more crooning and downbeat single “Mom Jeans”, The Gnarwhals’ Hawaiian-clad, crowd-surfing entourage seemed a little bit dazed by Heyrocco’s dreamy Weezer vibes but as they flailed passionately around the stage to “Virgin”, they proved themselves to the unsuspecting crowd. Despite being the headline act, they are the clear underdogs that night, but a few raised eyebrows by local kids in Thrasher hoodies and tube socks didn’t seem to deter Heyrocco’s morale either. They told me later that “Bristol has been the best place [they’ve] played so far.”

Heyrocco, or how they prefer to introduce themselves, “Your Girlfriend’s Favourite Band” were playful and flirty onstage and off, eyeing up every teenage girl in the audience, much to their boyfriends’ dismay. Even though they stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the likes of Milo’s Plane and The Gnarwhals, whose set included a punk rendition of Afroman’s “Because I Got High” and the more politically driven, “F*ck Cameron”, Heyrocco received a lot of love from the audience and definitely gained many new fans.

As their UK tour reaching an end last week in Milton Keynes, the band are eager to get home and release new songs and videos. But if that’s too long to wait for their eclectic mix of dark pop and grunge you can download both “Melt” and “Virgin” from their newly released EP, Mom Jeans, from their website at

By Molly Collins