It’s been four years since Klaxons last graced the UK music scene but now they’re back with a brand new album. We spoke to Jamie Reynolds about their upcoming tour and his plans for Halloween.

Credit: Wikipedia

Jamie: Well we haven’t stopped touring or anything like that and we haven’t taken a break. We’ve just not done a lot in the UK recently. We’ve been touring abroad and for the last couple of years we’ve been working on the new album.

Your new album, Love Frequency was released on June 16th. Do you think it differs from previous albums?

J: Definitely, in the sense that the instrumentation has changed and this album is much more nu rave than electro indie rock. It’s an exciting album.

I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since you released your first album, Myths of the Near Future. It won the mercury music prize and the following year you won the NME music award for best new coming band. Was there any pressure to make this album as successful?

J: not really, we were overjoyed about the success of that album but it was completely unexpected! I think the most important thing is releasing an album you love and we do love every track on the album, hence why they’re all on there!

Whilst I have the chance, I’ve got to ask, how did you come up with the intro for ‘Atlantis to Interzone’?

J:Well basically, when I got to the new studio it had the same keyboard that I used to use in school. A: We already had a bass line and a top line, then one night I was drunk and messing around with the keyboard and thought, this sounds pretty cool. Let’s keep it in the track.

I remember seeing you when you played the White Rabbit years ago in Plymouth. It was actually one of my first gigs (God I’m feeling old).Have you been back since?

J: I remember that gig! Yeah we were there a couple of months ago actually. It was a good gig, people from Plymouth know how to have a good time!

Your tour starts on the 25th October and on the 31st of October you’re playing the newly refurbished, Thekla. Are there any dates that you’re particularly looking forward to?

J: Yeah, I mean Thekla should be good because it’s Halloween but we’ve also got some dates coming up in Mexico and Japan. It’s been 7 years since we last played Mexico so it will be nice to go back.

By Hannah Rooke