The Courteeners released their new EP ‘How Good It Was’, the title track of which will feature on the new Album ‘Concrete Love’.

Frontman Liam Fray recently said that, following their last album, the band found it “really difficult” to fit all the songs they wanted onto one album. Luckily for us, instead of ditching these extra tracks they instead released them as an EP. December last year Liam Fray said that their gig in Manchester would be the last they do for a while and 2014 was going to be a quiet year for them:

“‘With ‘Summer’ we were just teasing. This is the real deal. I had the same feeling with ‘How Good It Was’ that I had with ‘Are You In Love With A Notion?’. As soon as I’d written it, it just felt right. It was a perfect fit straight away.”

Liam Fray has never been one to shy away from his emotions and this EP is no exception to his candid eye for relationships. The opening track ‘How Good It Was’ reminds us of Liam Frays talent to reminisce in an almost exhilarating way that you can’t help but sing along. Any doubts after the earlier release of ‘Summer’ will be quickly dissipate because of just how good this EP is.

‘Hometown One’ is yet another catchy tunes with infectious guitar/drum riff combination, a great song but nothing original to make it a stand out. ‘Sunflower’ however is the biggest surprise of the EP, a stripped down acoustic track which really brings attention to Liam Frays soft and almost folky voice.

No reading between the lines is needed with the last song of the EP ‘Why Are You With Him?’ It’s, unsurprisingly, yet another track following the theme of Liam Fray’s broken heart. When talking about the song Liam said it was written about a ‘good friend’: “’Why Are You Still With Him’ was written in New York a few years ago about a good friend of mine. I’m happy to be able to finally give it a good home.”

If this EP is even the slightest reflection on the album then I’m sure we will not be disappointed with ‘Concrete Love’, released August 18th.

By Hannah Ryan