Before their opening slot on the NME tour, Sophie Seddon interviewed Joe (guitarist) and Sam (bass) about the band’s current tour, and their very exciting future.


So, how did you guys all meet?

S: Well, it’s weird because, we’re all really into Frasier, and we had mutual friends who knew we all loved it, and that’s how we sort of met isn’t it? (looking at Joe) We were at uni together, but we never really, met.

J: Well I knew you, but I wasn’t really into Frasier too much, and you got me into Frasier, and now, we’re all in it together aren’t we?

S: Yeah, and then Keiran. Me and Sian lived together, and we had mutual friends with Keiran. Then, we were on a night out, and we ended up chatting all night.


Would you say you’ve all got relatively close since then?

Both: Yeah!

S: We’re like mates now! (much laughter)

J: Definitely, you spend so much time together, I think it’s like, we’ve just about figured it out, haven’t we?

S: Sort of.

J: Like, how to live together, in such close quarters.


You toured a lot during October and November. Did that help with getting to know the dynamics of the group, where you’re boundaries were with each other?

S: There’s a lot of boundary pushing, I think. I’m a boundary pusher.

J: Yeah, I’ve noticed this tour we haven’t argued nearly as the first one. You’re like ‘That’s progress!’

S: Yeah, it’s like me and Sian lived together, so we have a relationship and we’re both the same, like, you just gotta say it, and it’s fine.


How are you finding this particular tour, because it’s not just you guys, you’ve got three other bands. Is that good, does it help, having other people around?

J: You know, I felt when we got here today, it’s the first time. It felt really nice because everyone’s here, including the tour manager, and the catering guys, they all come on tour too. It’s like when I got in today, it was really nice to see everyone,

S: It’s like ‘hello, hello, hello, hello!’

J: Yeah, on the first day it was a bit strange, but now we know all the bands, and they’re all really nice, everyone’s really nice. It’s like coming in having a regular job, and there’s Steve from accounts, you like him, you wave and that’s the equivalent.


So then how were you approached to do the NME tour?

J: Good question, I wish I knew!

S: Yeah, we just kept turning up, and no one told us to stop. I guess it’s fine now. The offer came in, dunno when it was now, and we said yes straight away. I can’t remember when it was.

J: Yeah, we said yes straight away, it’s obviously very exciting. We got the email and I was like ‘yeaah’.


Not to put the pressure on, but Florence + the Machine, The Vaccines, these people all had the same slot, and they’ve all got really big because of it. Do you think you guys…?

J: We’re the exception that proves the rule (laughing)


Really? Because Zane Lowe put you as one of his Hottest Records of the Year, that’s a pretty big deal. I mean, could you see this going in a positive direction?

J: Thank you, that’s very kind of you.

S: I think it’s a possibility, but I think we’ve all had the attitude of, you just got to do the work. I’m trying to not get carried away with things. Because obviously that was really good, and doing this is amazing, and like, you really want to be like ‘yeah, we’re going to do really well, and this is going to happen…’ but the odds are still stacked against us. So you just go ‘this week, we’re doing this, and that’s really good.’ That’s how I deal with it, I don’t try to think about how big things could be.

J: Everything sort of runs into each other, we do this.

S: The next thing is the album, and I can’t really see past that at the moment. I mean, I’ve never done an album…


That was my next question. Have you got quite a lot of material yet for an album? Can you see one coming out by the end of the year?

S: We’re going to be going in recording it soon. I think we’re pretty much there with the tracks. We’ve got a couple more we’re working on at the moment. I definitely think we’ve got an album’s worth of material, it’s just when we all think it’s album worthy.

J: I mean you’ve got to get it right. You only get to make a first album once. It’s got to be perfect. I think, all the songs are there, the time allotted to record it is there, so hopefully that’ll go well. I don’t know when it gets released, I think we’ll talk about it when we’ve got it.


And that’s happening after this tour, you’re going to do that?

J: We do a bit of recording, then we’re off to Europe, on April 1st, then to the album straight away.


Have you got anything else planned tourwise and stuff in the meantime?

S: It’s mainly going to be festivals in the summer, so we’ve got a couple of good ones. We’ve got Reading and Leeds, which is cool. That was my first ever festival, so I’m really excited about that. Obviously we find out things that ‘we might be playing this, we might be playing this.’ So you never know what’s been announced and what hasn’t been announced. When I get asked that question I go ‘I dunno’. We’ve got a couple we might be on. But don’t know if it’s been confirmed yet, so can’t say anything!

J: This is part of the not getting too carried away thing, because you don’t really know what’s happening.

S: Yeah, we had a couple of things to be confirmed, and they fell through in the end. So I don’t want to be like ‘we’re doing this’ and then we don’t do it.

J: We’d look stupid wouldn’t we?


It’s nice to see that you’re keeping positive and not going to headstrong into everything.

S: Yeah, we’ve had a couple of friends who’ve had similar experiences, so you kinda learn. I had some friends last year who were going to tour America, and on the day they were going it all got cancelled. I was living with them and the heartbreak on their faces was unbearable, I just had to leave.

J: (laughs) Yeah you deal with that, I’ll see you later!

S: (laughing back) Yeah, I can’t stand to look at you right now,

J: You disgust me…

S: Yeah, seeing things like that has made me think, until you’re actually there doing it, then it might not happen. You’ve just got to take everyday as it comes really.


What do you expect from the Bristol crowd this evening? Have you been to Bristol before?

S: I’ve never been to Bristol before, but I love it.

J: Bristol was a delight. There was great weather, the old town is great, lovely shops.

(we proceed to chat about the Hot Sauce stall at St. Nick’s and they tell me a story about their friend.)


Does that happen often on this tour, that you get to enjoy where you are?

J: Not at all.

S: We were in Birmingham yesterday, so we left a bit earlier, got here at like two.

J: The crew’s lunch was still out…

S: We’ve never had lunch here before. Normally you don’t get there until four, unload, do soundcheck. Then because we’re on first after soundcheck, you’ve got 40 minutes. Get really pissed. So a quick turnover of everything.


What’s been your favourite gig of the tour so far?

S: Have to say Liverpool

J: Was our first hometown gig.

S: The crowd were just like, really responsive. You always get a response from your hometown, everyone’s well up for it.

J: And for us as well, our mates are there.

S: And my Dad!


Well I wish you guys the best and hope to see you back in Bristol!