Phoebe Frost gets in touch with the new band who are taking the UK music scene by a storm.

In the past year, Young Kato, the 6-piece indie rock band from Cheltenham, have exploded onto the music scene; with their songs being featured on popular E4 show Made In Chelsea and their track Something Real being given Zane Lowe’s seal of approval with his Next Hype status. Here’s my chat with lead vocalist Tommy Wright.

Young Kato - Sonic PR photoYoung Kato, I saw you in the summer and loved it! Have you enjoyed and gained experience from headlining this year?

Yeah definitely! We did a 23 show tour in the summer which was character building stuff! It was a tough tour but we enjoyed it so much, the support was amazing and made us feel so lucky.

Have you enjoyed your festival summer?

It’s been awesome; we played little festivals this year, such as X+Y and Barn On The Farm, but next year we’re hoping to break out into bigger ones.

Your new EP ‘Drink Dance Play’ is released next week; nervous?

No, not nervous. ‘Drink Dance Play’ is a big song already within our fan base so it’s the perfect song to lead the EP with. It’s already had loads of radio play meaning that the public may recognise the song as well. But, at the end of the day, if they want it, they’ll buy it and I hope they enjoy it.

How do you think the old fans will react to the remixes of some of your songs on the EP, such as ‘Drink Dance Play’?

I don’t know actually, new is different and we’re always striving for difference. We worked with loads of different producers to rip the songs apart and piece them back together in a simpler way. I think it makes the melodies shine. There’s three remixes on there and they range from D n B to Club so I think there’s something on there for everyone, it might bring in some new fans as well which is always a plus!

In the past, you’ve supported big names such as Bastille and Swim Deep. Did this teach you anything that you’ve used in your future career?

We’ve only really supported them at festivals but we’re hoping to do more gig support for them later this year/ next year. They’re always great to watch live though. It gives you something to aspire to and figure out the rights and wrongs of a performance which I guess we would incorporate into our work.

So, in June, Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe made your track ‘Something Real’ his Next Hype. How does it feel to have such huge support from a big name in the music industry?

It feels amazing! He’s the boss of the radio so to have his support is such a huge help to our career. It’s so cool to be able to write and play the music you want and for people to love it. ‘Something Real’ is a small song as well so it makes it even sweeter to have it recognised.

In April, ‘Drink Dance Play’ was featured on a Made in Chelsea episode which must have also been great publicity. Do you think it’ll change the up and coming tour?

Potentially. People may have heard our music on the show and want to come and see us. The May/June tour had big sales and people may want to see us again.

You kick off your tour on 11th November, anywhere you’re looking forward to playing?

All the venues are cool. Nottingham is a great city because it’s full of students looking for a great time; same as Bristol and that’s also on a boat (Thekla) which is pretty awesome! Birmingham and Gloucester are hometown gigs for us and they’re always amazing and we receive a great response. Performing in London is a privilege because, when you’re trying to break into the music industry, you know you’ve cracked it when you sell out a London gig, and Manchester is far away so it’s great to travel around the UK and be known in the North.

How do you think Young Kato have developed in the past year?

A lot! Song writing has definitely become easier as we’re becoming more experienced, and gigs are different now that we’re becoming more known. We’re always improving; I’m very OCD with my music. It has to be perfect!

What’s next for you guys?

We’re just going to keep going at what we’re doing. I can’t really tell you much because it’s all hush hush! Our next single is out soon and of course the tour starts in 3 weeks time. It’s such an exciting time at the moment and me and the boys are so buzzed about everything that’s happening for us.