Ben Goddard plays UWE’s first Coffee House Sessions.Written by Matthew Bryan & Lara El Sergany

With so many aspiring young artists struggling for the attention they deserve, it is incredibly easy to overlook mind-blowing talent that could turn into the next big thing!

That’s where Huw Stephens’ Coffee House Sessions steps in. Forty universities are each visited by four young and incredibly talented University students.

Last Thursday, UWE had its first taste of the Coffee House tour, with Ben Goddard performing at Frenchay’s Escape bar.

With the first strum of his guitar, he opened the set with the original song “Heartbeats” off his band’s EP, “Belief”.

Ben cast a spell of mellow vibes on his audience, which had everyone nodding and swaying along to the music by the time he got to the chorus.

Covering Jason Mraz’s “I won’t give up” next, he performed with so much passion and even perfectly nailed the fast-paced bridge.

He followed it up with another original, this one called “Fallen for you”, where Ben’s raspy voice did a great job accentuating the heart-warming lyrics.

Performing back-to-back covers of the much loved Ed Sheeran single “A-Team”, and Ray Charles’ “I don’t need no doctor” he had everyone clapping and cheering to his surprising ability to hit different ranges, notes and speeds.

His cover of Naughty Boy’s “La La La”, landed him the spot on the Coffee House Sessions tour, and was beautifully performed despite the difficulty singing that repetitive chorus for more than 18 shows so far.

Ben raps, sings, and plays the guitar superbly. His performance of “The City”, an original track, with its sublime lyrics and grasping vocals deserves to be on the radio.

After slight technical difficulties, which Ben managed to joke his way through, he ended his set by singing another original called “lovestruck”. Dedicate this song to your crush, and she’ll be yours in a second!

After his short yet successful gig, we had the pleasure of having a chat with Ben about his experience as a touring musician.

Ben’s passion about his music is evident, as he described it in three words to be “Energetic, Raw and Smiley”, a description as original as his music!

When we asked him about the tour so far, his face broke into a smile as he told us how it “has been going really well. I’ve met loads of interesting, lovely people and everyone seems to really enjoy the music,” which is what counts the most!

We went on to discuss his experiences as a musician, specifically his biggest ‘rock star’ moment. Ben instantly knew what his moment was: the time he supported James McCartney in concert and ended up meeting Sir Paul McCartney himself!

“And that’s a huge thing, to see Sir Paul McCartney,” Ben told us excitedly, because I’m a huge fan of The Beatles.

But that day got even better for him! He even went on to recount how Sir Paul asked Ben for a photograph and a CD after having a twenty-minute conversation with him.

Finally, we asked him if he had any words of wisdom for other aspiring musicians and he came out with this gem: “You can’t fail in music, you can only give up”. Wise words from a great artist!

Performing next week will be Kerri Watt so get yourself down to escape on Thursday and check here afterwards for the gossip from our chat with her.