Freeze Peach ( is a voluntary organisation, with the intention to create a non-exclusive and accessible platform for people to express their opinion and creativity. Whether it be artwork, literature, photography or a particular point of view, Freeze Peach is a public-access magazine that allows you to let your creative juices flow and produce pages, which you can submit for publication, either in their blog or magazine.

This summer, Freeze Peach are also looking for some creative-minded festival goers to don the welly boots and rain coats and review some of the UK’s most happening events. All Freeze Peach require from you is a preview and a review of the festival, a few good quality snaps, the ability to stick to an agreed deadline and the capability of being able to make your own way to the event. And the entry? It’s all courtesy of Freeze Peach. If you would like to get involved, send any examples of your innovative skills to
With the launch of their new radio station, as well as getting a complete web revamp, the future is indeed looking pretty damn peachy for the magazine. So what are you waiting for? Utilise your right to freedom of speech and express your creative endeavours through Freeze Peach. To contribute, email, and don’t forget to subscribe ( and to join them on Facebook and Twitter.