Ex-UWE student James ‘Jammo’ Irving is the Bristol based half of My Nu Leng, working together with Londoner Tommy Jackson. Combining equal parts garage, house and dubstep, My Nu Leng are sounding promising for 2012. In fact, if Westworld had a stereo (or an office space for that matter) they’d probably currently be playing on it. Jammo joins us to answer a few questions.

 What is your favourite track out there at the moment?

“Pusherman’s Shake It Off, which is out now on LNUK Records.”

 Which of the tracks you’ve created, or helped to create, are you most proud of?

I think the My Nu Leng track Fireflies is the one I am most proud of. We both had a lot of input in to its outcome and it changed styles numerous times before finishing. The finished version has received a completely unexpected response with support from Mistajam and a handful of Rinse FM DJs. The track was featured on a recent compilation Big Step for Dub, and is the title track of our debut EP, out now on Mindstep Music. We also have a forthcoming Fireflies VIP & Remix EP with remixes from Tunnidge, Crises and Wonder.”

 Your tracks with My Nu Leng and those as Jammo are quite different; do you prefer working as a collective, or solo?

We rarely get the opportunity to actually work on a tune at the same time, due to the distances between us. In that sense, there are not too many differences in writing Jammo or My Nu Leng tracks. I like being able to send projects over to Tommy and see the direction a track can take. The music I write as Jammo has taken a backseat over the last six months, due to being busy with My Nu Leng tracks, collabs and remixes. I am aiming to work on some new Jammo material some point this year.”

 What do you use to make your music?

I am currently using FL Studio 10 on PC with a pair of KRK RP8 Monitors running through an E-MU 1616 PCI soundcard. I don’t work with much hardware and am constantly trying to expand my sample collection. I use a few VSTs including Massive and Nexus. I frequently use the Waves FX plug-ins including the reverbs and compressors.”

 Tell us about the best night you’ve performed at

My Nu Leng are residents at 51° 27?, a weekly night at Thekla. Every week they have some of the biggest names in the UK Bass scene covering House, Techno, Garage and everything in between. We always have a great night there and would strongly suggest people check it out!”

 If you could listen to the works of only one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

I would have to say Burial; his music is a huge, huge inspiration to both myself and Tommy. A track for any mood or moment, I am still yet to find a situation that a bit of Burial doesn’t help!”

 Vinyl, CDs, digital, or..?

I learnt to mix, like many others, on some dodgy belt drive decks and as soon as I could, I moved to Technics 1210s. Over the years I started using CDs to play in clubs, but I still have a huge love for vinyl, and I know Tommy does as well. When we are able to mix together we use Serato with time coded vinyl.”

 Any last words?

Just a huge thank you to anyone that has taken the time to check out our music, our sets or radio shows in 2011. We have music forthcoming on Mindstep Music and our debut 12” on LNUK over the next few months as well as a lot of remix and collab projects, so keep those eyes peeled!”

 To have a listen to My Nu Leng’s music, go to www.soundcloud.com/mynuleng or www.facebook.com/mynuleng. For bookings, contact mynuleng@gmail.com