Formed in 2009, and with only one album, ‘Torches’ under their belt, Foster the People have quickly built up a reputable amount of success so far. Yet with the song ‘Pumped up kicks’ being so constantly repeated through the Great British public’s,  radio stations, i-pods, and televisions, it would be rather easy to make the assumption that this band are only a one hit wonder, and might struggle to impress in a live show.

However, if you combine their indie-pop sound, which touches upon the already influential MGMT, and the festival atmosphere this band brought to the Anson Rooms, Bristol, it becomes easy to see why they are so much more than that. Their live show makes you feel as though you are at one massive party. The light show was particularly spectacular and added to the effect that this was no ordinary gig.

Some songs did feel all a little too similar, but amongst those, were the gems such as ‘Call it what you want’, ‘Helenabeats’, and of course ‘Pumped up kicks’. Admirably Foster the People went all out with this song, by giving it a dub step twist, suggesting they know exactly how to satisfy their army of loyal fans.

Although Mark Foster, the lead singer, has little interaction with his audience, you can not fault the group in their effort to entertain their crowd, and this hard work certainly paid off. Even in the cold British winter, Foster the People can bring you back to that feeling of festival fever which only occurs in the summer months.

Katy Huke