After much debate, we chose our top three favourite comments and pulled the winner (Kyle) out of a hat. So congratulations to Kyle who will be enjoying V.I.P. access to Bloc @ Bristol In:Motion this Friday.

“This competition is pretty great because it totally shows how sad and lonely it is to be a wizard. You have this awesome power to move planets and summon demons from hell, but there’s one power that you don’t have. The power of friendship. But WestonEye HAS that power. If i won the two tickets maybe I could summon up a friend…
Hot debate. What do you think?”

About Bloc….

Over the last few years, The BLOC Weekend annual festival has become a compulsory destination for electronic music fans. No other UK festival so vigorously and variously reaps the vanguard of underground dance music past and present quite like they do. Determined to better themselves from last year, they bring Joker, Martyn, 2562 while Border Community represent with James Holden and Nathan Fake for a festival sized line-up to a city club.

For more info and a full line up for this event check out the event page at