Kick starting their biggest UK headline tour to date, The Naked and Famous stormed to the Anson Rooms in Bristol for what was a fantastic display of what is best described as psychedelic dream pop.

Despite a number one debut album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, in their native land of New Zealand, it is hard to believe that the band are hardly known here in the UK. In fact, The Naked and Famous are actually not that famous, nor are they naked!

The five-piece from New Zealand, who took their name bravely from a ‘Tricky’ lyric, started the show with a bang! Having blown the lighting rig after the first minute of their first track, the audience were forced to wait longer as the band left stage. What appeared to be a tough crowd to win back, proved to be easy, as The Naked and Famous instantly played one of their big aces, Punching in a Dream, which was received with large cheers of delight.

The Anson Rooms filled with what sounded like a love child of The XX and MGMT. The vocals of lead singer Alisa Xayalith, together with the interspersed vocals of guitarist Thom Powers, a powerful shiver was created as their voices melted together.

Throughout their set, drowsy mumbling by both Powers and Xayalith was more than enough to keep the crowd empowered by a majority of tracks from their new album, which were impressively recorded in their bedrooms in Auckland. A set filled with electronic glitchiness, a maze of strobe lights and distorted guitars proved a great success and left hordes of people blissfully stunned.

Charlie Roper