So guys, you have a new album on the way?

“Yes we do! It comes out on Halloween, the 31 October and it’s called ‘Stereo Typical’, Two Words!”

Does this mean a new upcoming tour then?

“Yeah, we are going on tour with Professor Green this year which should be buzzing, all the dates are booked in and then next year in February we will be going on our own headlining tour!”

So you played Leeds festival recently, how was that?

“Leeds was bloody awesome! We were watching Ed Sheeran but unfortunately we had to rush off to our stage, though when we arrived there were just a load of people there just shouting ‘Rizzle Kicks’ which was great.

You recently worked with Fatboy Slim for one of the tracks on your upcoming album, what was it like working with him?

“Well, Fatboy Slim is just the don isn’t he? It started with an A & R meeting and they asked who our dream list of people to work with would be, so we said, Kanye West, Fatboy Slim etc. and then the week after we were sat in a hotel and Norman just walked in and we were like “Whoa, you’re like the biggest DJ in the world!” and to get a co-sign from him was just awesome. So yeah, we worked with him and we’ve made a tune with him called ‘Mama Do the Hump’. Working with him was great; you could really sense the years of partying that had gone on in that studio.”