City of LondonBy Rebecca Day

Directed by Michael Chanan and written by Lee Salter, Secret City sets out to raise awareness of the City of London and the Corporation that runs it. Located in the famous Square Mile, the City attracts visitors all year round because of its rich history and various attractions.

However, nestled within the shadows of the City is the Corporation; the city’s governing body, which is tremendously powerful and influential worldwide – as well as highly secretive.

As with members of the public vox popped throughout the film, I was unfamiliar with the City of London itself and moreover, completely unaware of the Corporation. However, Secret City projects its undemocratic workings into the limelight and directly to the audience’s attention; leaving a sense of bewilderment that such corruption exists within our society.

Despite the absence of narration, the way in which the film has been created is hugely informative and educational. The style of Secret City provokes the audience to be proactive in their thinking and to query their own responsibility in ensuring that the Corporation undergoes reform – whether this is through spreading the word or simply undertaking action themselves.

The story is told through a compilation of images and archive footage, interviews and songs, which resonate with the City’s history – each contributing towards the story behind the City of London and the Corporation.

Not only do we become aware about the history of the City, which dates back before Parliament, but we become aware of the Corporation’s present operating and the power it exerts over Parliament, as well as its current influence over global capitalism.

Not only was Secret City a sell out at Bristol’s Watershed on 15 December, but it has also sold out – a week early – at London’s Frontline Club – Europe’s prestigious venue for journalism.

This film casts a bright light over some truly dark secrets, paving the way for a better understanding of the corruption that takes place amidst the City of London, that we are all far too unfamiliar with.

The next showing of the Secret City is on 14 January 2013 at The Cube. To book your tickets for this highly recommended and important viewing, visit: