The latest instalment in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, is the fourth movie in the supernatural-romance franchise. It is difficult to say whether this has quite hit the mark in comparison to the rest of the saga.

You would not be mistaken for looking at someone’s family album when watching the film. After all, protagonist Bella marries her vampire lover, Edward Cullen and they both fly off on honeymoon. Simple. But this soon lands the couple into difficulty, as after a passionate night in a secluded villa, Bella is left pregnant. The baby, or demon as it is described, grows at an accelerated rate leaving Bella seriously ill and unsure whether she will survive its birth.

When going to see part one, you should take it with a pinch of salt. The dramatic trailer, the media build up and the online hype for the release leads us to believe that we are in for a Golden Globe performance. Despite this, compared to the rest of the saga, it felt that Breaking Dawn is less of a hit.

If you want a dream wedding, then this film translates everything an in-love couple could ever want. Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, gives her best performance so far as she shakes her way down the aisle and nerves kick in. It was very convincing; to the point where one would think she had frozen feet, not just cold.

However, the honeymoon was over before it started. After the wedding scene, the fragmentations of footage were confusing. The couple goes between playing chess, then swimming, then more chess, then laughing, and finally more chess.

When watching Bella give birth in Saw 3… sorry… Breaking Dawn, there was a lot more blood than the other films. Stewart, displayed frail and weak thanks to the visual effects in the film looked terribly ill.  The effects by far could be one of the best parts of the film.

Fans of Twilight may feel a little disappointment by the latest instalment. Sadly, because Part 2 was shot back to back and with the same director, it is unlikely that it can get much better. However it is said to have more action, so who knows? The Twilight saga may end on a high!

Charlie Roper