Geordie ShoreBy Jessica Lowndes & Liam Corcoran

Western Eye: So, UWE Freshers, why UWE?

Gary: Well, we had a fax through inviting us to come down so we thought we’d come and give it a go.

WE: So you don’t do a lot of this kind of thing?

Gary: No, no I’m doing a student night later, every night we’ve been doing a freshers night and now we’re doing Freshers fairs as well.

WE: What do you think of it?

Sophie: It’s mad this! I would’ve loved to come to uni, but since I left college I’ve sort of got into this, do you know what I mean?

WE: Do you wish you’d gone to uni or are you happy you went to Geordie Shore?

Gary: No, no, no I’m happy I went to Geordie Shore. I was working 9-5. To be fair, one of the brainiest kids in my school went to uni and he’s fucking manager of a cinema… (all burst into laughter). When I was in Thailand, you’re making 6, 7, 8,900 quid a week, every week and you work mint hours and its wicked. Everyone goes to uni for different reasons, but I think some people got to uni to have fun and get pissed for three years.

Jay: I think with uni as well, you get in debt and then you come out and there’s no jobs.

Sophie: (laughing) We’re on Geordie Shore, why would we wanna go to uni?

Jay: We’ve got the best job in the world!

WE: Jay you’ve left haven’t you? So what’s next for you, do you regret leaving the show or have you got bigger things planned?

Jay: No, not really I mean I’m in a relationship and stuff like that now and I’m looking to do my own show.

WE: Where are you doing your own show and what is it going to be about?

Jay: Erm, at the minute its 90% complete and will either be filmed in London or in Liverpool. It’s going to be doing like MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] and at the end of it I’m gonna fight.

WE: You’re gonna fight at the end?! Have you done any of that before?

Jay: Years ago I used to do it, I’ve got a blue belt in kickboxing.

WE: But you two are still set on the trail…

Sophie: Oh Gary will be there until the end Gary, there’s no getting rid of Gary!

WE: So what can we expect from the next series?

Sophie: Oh, proper safe as shit!

Gary: There’ll be lots of new people.

WE: What’s it like being at home now?

Sophie: No no no, like me home town is fine ‘cos I know everyone and I’ve been brought up there, but as soon as you go into the city centre, then it’s just mad. Like, imagine with all the other freshers as well, like we went out the other night and it was mad.

WE: Have you enjoyed visiting Bristol?

Sophie: Well we haven’t really been anywhere, but definitely we’re going to Oceana tonight.

Gary: I’ve been here before…

Sophie: Last time I came, I went to the zoo!

WE: Have you had a walk around the fresher’s fair?

Gary: No, we might do in a bit

WE: Might be a society that takes your fancy, if you were to join a society, what would you do?

Jay: Oh, I’d be on the football team.

Sophie: I would do the girly things, cheerleading and that.

Gary: You’re not fit enough to do cheerleading.

Sophie: I am! (All laugh)

WE: So we all know that you’re really bubbly, through the show and stuff but like all women you might have some kind of confidence issues, have you got any advice?

Sophie: Ahhh loads, where do I start. I’m just like every other girl, every girl’s got insecurities, but when you’re on TV, you need to hide them a lot more ‘cos you don’t wanna look like you’re down about your body ‘cos you just come across as miserable. All of us girls have got insecurities. You’ve just got to be yourself like, you’ve gotta understand that if you are skinny, you’re skinny if you are a bit bigger, you’re bigger you’ve got to live with it. I’ll never be a size 6, I know that sooo eat a pizza, why not, ‘cos I’m not gonna be skinny. Do you know what I mean? So just enjoy it like, as long as you look good and you keep right on top of your hair and your make up and you look the part then, who gives a shit?

WE: Any advice from the guys? For picking up girls?

Gary: I reckon fresher’s events will be easy! Just say to girls ‘Do you wanna bang?’ ask 10 girls. You ask 10 girls at fresher’s ‘Do you wanna bang?’ and one will say yes. That’s the great thing about these days, you don’t need chat-up lines and all that. Everyone just wants to get smashed and bang each other. Geordie Shore is so popular because we are doing what everyone is doing. It’s just confidence.

Sophie: Yea, if you see a lad standing held up high, then a lad with his head hanging down, you’re just thinking like, go for it!

WE: You’re very open about sex and relationships and stuff on the show, do think more of society should be more open?

Sophie: Yeah, definitely.

Jay: That’s why Geordie Shore has hit the nail on the head because in that programme we are just doing what everyone else is doing. I’ve been doing this since I was 18 years old, but ‘cos it’s on TV now I’m a fucking hero. Every lad is like, you’re my idol and I’m like, I’ve been doing this for the last 5 years!

Sophie: You’ve got families watching it now as well, like people watch it with their kids, do you know what I mean? About sex -well there you go its open! Couple of years ago, people were scared to talk about sex. Now you’re watching our show, you say ‘Mam, that’s what I do, wanna keep an eye on us go to the club where I’m going’.

WE: Do you feel that compared to the guys you get…because there’s that thing in society that if a guy goes out and has loads of sex, they’re a player.

Jay: If a lad sleeps with ten girls, he’s a hero if she sleeps with two, she’s a slag. That is the life of a girl.

Sophie: Like in the first series, I slept with a random and all I got called was a slag and I only slept with one person, when in reality in the space of what, 6 weeks? It’s normal to sleep with one person anyways, but because I was doing it on TV, I got called a slag, I was disgusting, all this shit. People got a fright because nothing like that had ever happened on TV, but yea I do get stick. They’re shagging, kissing, whatever, but then when we do it, we’re bloody slags!

WE: Well thanks very much guys, good luck with the new show

Gary: Nice one, cheers mate.

The fourth series of Geordie Shore starts this November on MTV.

Photo coutesy of UWETube