Don’t you just hate it when you come out of a comedy show and can’t remember a single joke? Well, it may be a good job when going to see Jimmy Carr as his jokes probably won’t be very well received over Sunday lunch!
Jimmy is well known for his close to the mark comedy and his popular Laughter Therapy tour is no exception.  Tackling taboo subjects such as sex, rape, paedophilia and disability, Jimmy is not afraid to test the moral compass of the audience. In fact his show would not succeed without it; he seems to enjoy testing the water and making us laugh at things we know we probably shouldn’t.
The show started strangely with no warm-up act, just a projection screen for the audience to read from to get us in the mood. After a few light-hearted jokes the star is introduced to the stage and gets straight into it with some fast paced one liners. Part of his act involved using cartoons on screen to illustrate his jokes. As you can imagine some of the saucy pictures got laughs of their own and didn’t even need a punch line. You could say this is lazy comedy but the audience seemed to enjoy it just the same.
Having some audience participation brought a bit of diversity to the show and broke up the constant flow of gags.  He even asked the audience to heckle him so that he could put them down with his quick wit. This was probably the highlight of the show, seeing Jimmy in his element using his famous super quick comebacks to get a laugh.
Super-fans of Jimmy’s who trace his every appearance may notice that some of his jokes are recycled from shows such as 8 out of 10 cats. However, there is no denying that they are just as funny a second time round.
His daring comedy certainly deserves the over 16 rating given, but if you’re up for a laugh and not easily offended I would certainly recommend it.  My only words of advice… leave your parents at home. Cringe!
Rachel Avery

Huge apologies to Rachel Avery as unfortunately, the end of this article had been accidently cut during the production of the latest issue of the WesternEye.