Fresh Meat is the new channel 4 comedy devised from the brains of Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong, creators of the award winning Peep Show. With this in mind, it’s natural to hold high expectations of this university fresher-based show, which is about six students too late to apply for halls and consequently thrown into a house share together.

The characters portray the standard clichéd personalities expected of a student comedy, making the show far more realistic than anticipated. Jack Whitehall plays public schoolboy JP, who hoped to have got into a ‘proper’ university and does this brilliantly. Unfortunately he acts this part so well that the other characters can seem boring in comparison. Joe Thomas (aka Simon from The Inbetweeners) also stars in the show playing the sexually inexperienced Kingsley, and despite having his hair flat instead of gelled up, sadly makes Fresh Meat appear to be a spin-off for the poor lad.

Speaking from experience, I can say that this is a pretty accurate depiction of the ‘moving into halls’ experience, as the characters are diverse and would not form a typical friendship group in the ‘real world’. Unfamiliar face Greg McHugh takes the role of Howard, the eccentric nutter of the group, who actually has some innovative money saving ideas that should definitely be taken into consideration during the awkward period when loans are awaited.

Like a light hearted Skins, Fresh Meat is easy watching and is a good way to distract yourself from your own university life. A drawback is the laugh-at-them rather than with-them humour, which after an hour can be quite draining and not particularly challenging. This makes it good for a hangover or if you find yourself incapable of intelligent thought after a long day of learning and bettering yourself.

Larrissa Huggard