The highest mountain to the best beer

One cold Friday evening in the darkness of November, a daring group of UWE students assembled to begin their adventure into the frozen wastes of Llanberis, North Wales.

And so began UWE Mountain Hiking’s first weekend trip, out of Bristol and into the great outdoors. The weekend objective’s being to enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps more importantly, to sample a pint or two of local Welsh ale. After a long drive to Snowdonia we arrived at our campsite late in the evening only to be informed that our bunkhouse was not ready for us! Disaster had struck. But no! Instead we were granted a free upgrade to a cosy holiday cottage. Much to our surprise we were now in warm lodgings with beds, a kitchen and the luxury of central heating! Now settled in excellent accommodation we hit the hay ready for the following day’s hike.


To take Snowdon we began early at 9am, rubbing our eyes as we faced the bright sunlight. Despite the reputation as late risers the student party was able to set off in good time to begin our walk. After heroically tackling the highest mountain in England and Wales we took the most appropriate option to celebrate. We went to the pub and drank the best tasting beer you can have; the kind that tastes of success. We drank to our victory, we drank to each other, we definitely drank too much!  After many beers and plenty of banter celebrating our success we wobbled back to our warm beds.


Despite the call of a relaxing lie in bed we chose to set out once again on Sunday looking for more mountains and hills to conquer. This time we battled strong winds to make our way across the heights of Foel Goch, Cwn Cesig and Moel Eilio before returning back to our cottage for the last time. We said goodbye to our temporary home before leaving Llanberis, elated at our successful weekend and returned to the relative civilisation of Bristol late on Sunday night.


All in all the weekend was a fantastic success with Beautiful scenery, exercise and quality beer – Defiantly one of the better ways to spend the weekend.


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