Credit: Pexels
Credit: Pexels

Stress is something that every individual of any age feels the effect of. Yet, for something that manifests itself in our everyday lives, no one really stops to think about the real effect it has upon us. Stress is something that affects our physical or mental wellbeing, if it were any other illness causing this negative affect, we would probably do something about it. So why is it that when we are stressed, we just shrug it off as a normality and do not really take the time to help ourselves?

National Stress Awareness Day is now in its 18th year and it aims to nationally raise the profile of stress, as well as promoting the wellbeing of individuals and people in the workplace. The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) are the founders of this annual day. They provide huge amounts of information about stress and what it really does to our bodies and mind. ISMA want to emphasise the fact that everyone carries the burden of stress, National Stress Awareness day is a great way to start making positive personal changes in our lives. Their website provides free downloads which can help us start to make these little changes as well as fact sheets about things we really do not consider when we are stressed.

What the real problem we have nationally is that we are hugely reluctant to talk about our mental health. We cannot see it and therefore it is not really there or considered a tangible issue. also focus on National Stress Awareness Day and how ‘doing something different’ is crucial, which will begin to give people the voice to talk about their mental health.

The most influential platform to speak about stress is social media. There are thousands of people using the ‘nationalstressawarenessday’ hashtag and speaking about what stress means to them. It is something that is most prevalent when you are a university student and it is the way we deal with the pressures of deadlines which will ultimately have a detrimental impact on what we want to achieve.  

By Georgette Humbert