Credit: Monkeywing, Flickr
Credit: Monkeywing, Flickr

As students, we like to party, so when Saturday night rolls around (or, let’s be honest here, Wednesday night) we can’t wait to go out and certainly don’t want to be stuck at home. But when funds are running low at the end of the month, what can we do instead?

These 5 staying-in alternatives will save you money whilst still having a great time with friends:

  • Take-out pizza, cheap wine and a stack of DVDs: the classic night in. You might see your friends in lectures and your flatmates around the house every day but when do you really get to have a good old gossip with them? With most pizza places offering great student discounts, this classic night in will be cheap; fun and if you’re like me, will finally be the night you catch-up with the rest of the world and get started on Orange is the New Black!
  • You may legally be an adult, but that doesn’t stop you taking your dirty clothes home for mum to wash, so it shouldn’t stop you from playing children’s games. And yes, I do mean playing hide and seek in your house with the lights turned off! It costs absolutely nothing, will help you de-stress and have you asking yourself why you ever stopped playing this game in the first place.
  • If you want something a bit more sophisticated then how about a Come Dine With Me evening, student-style. Squish as many people as you can around your coffee table, each person cooks one course with a limit of £10 and score one another with the lowest-scoring person doing the dishes.
  • Not really a night in, but going to an exercise class with the girls or grabbing a football and having a kick around on a patch of grass with the guys is a great way to have a laugh and you won’t feel bad for eating that pizza later.
  • Again, not a night-in but a cheaper alternative to going out: Orange Wednesdays. They are one of students’ best friends and essentially only paying half price for your ticket means you get to watch Fifty Shades of Grey just one more time…

So these are just 5 alternatives to going out to town on a Saturday night but still having a great time with friends. With looming coursework deadlines and exams, you’ll really appreciate the absence of a hangover the following day and realise that Sunday can actually be quite productive.


By Gurjeet Landa